Carving Price Guide

Let Nature Inspire You...

The great thing with Bruks Tree Carving is that we work to your budget!

We all have different desires and requirements, as well as different budgets when we are shopping, but whatever your Tree Carving need might be, Bruks Tree Carving will be able to help.

green-bulletYou might like your forgotten tree trunk to be carved into the shape of your favourite animal – a great talking point in your garden

You might like a particular piece of treasured wood carved into something functional, such as a plaque, a table, a stool or a chair

green-bulletYou might like Bruk, or one of his team to carve a particular piece of wood that you have selected from the BTC workshop to be a gift; getting ready for Christmas, someone’s Birthday or an Anniversary

You may wish to preserve a small piece of wood that means a great deal to you and so here, a table-top design might suit your requirements

green-bulletYou may wish Bruk to source the wood, carve out the design of your choice and simply bring it to your door or your garden and install it for you

If you see something you like, but feel it’s out of your price range, tell Bruk your budget and he can carve a piece better matched to your price. We never leave a customer unhappy. The more intricate the design, naturally the more work is involved. So really – everyone can own their own beautiful wood carving – it just depends on how detailed you would need your piece to be in order to make you smile!
The choice is yours and the budget is completely down to you.

Here are some examples of Abstract, Animal, Table-top, Family and African carvings which should give you a better idea of what you might like to have and how it falls within your budget. If you wish to design your own Tree Carving piece, just sketch it out, (or describe it as best as you can to Bruk who can sketch it for you) then tell us your budget – and Bruk will carve it for you.
It really is that simple!

All prices are plus VAT
These price bands below are for COLLECTION-ONLY carvings created in our Carving workshop.
Band 1 – £195-£250
Band 2 – £250-£450
Band 3 – £450-£795
Band 4 – £795-£1995


Small Gifts & Hardback Portfolio – Available to order

Price Band 1

Price Band 2

Price Band 3

Price Band 4

Commercial – a bespoke welcome into your business!

Personalised Birthday or Wedding Carvings

Plaques made to order – £3 +VAT per letter

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