Tree Removal

It may often be necessary to remove trees and Bruks Tree Surgery will use one of two methods depending on the particular situation.

Directional Tree Felling:

Directional felling requires considerable precision and can only be used when there is enough space for the tree to fall safely in one piece.


Known also as “Section Felling”, this method is used by Bruks Tree Surgery when there is only a limited safe space to bring a tree down piece by piece. If the area below the tree is clear and free from obstructions, then cut branches can simply be allowed to fall. When branches are too large or heavy for the climber to hold and throw clear, or obstructions prevent their ‘free falling’, then lowering ropes are also used.

BTS Dismantling work on Rail track-side
BTS Dismantling work on Rail track-side

BTS Fell remaining trunk with safe clearance

BTS Felling work on Rail track-side

Complete Tree Removal