Tree Carving

You may wish to have a simple chair or bench carved out of a tree trunk in order to make practical use out of a tree you have asked us to dismantle, or you may wish to add a creative, eye-catching sculpture to your garden as a focal point. You can select a carving from our display book to be recreated for you, or you can purchase one straight off the shelves in the Carving Shop. You could also tell us or show us in a photograph what design you might like and we can carve it!

As well as the in-situ tree carvings we carry out, where we carve on the actual tree stump in your garden; you are also welcome to watch Bruk or other members of the Carving Team in action in the Creative Viewing Area free of charge for as long as you fancy in our shop!

From Monday to Friday 10am-4pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm, we offer seating, a loo and 6 parking spaces, but the rest is up to you!

We also run after-school clubs, (through the local schools) for the little ones to enjoy learning about wood, trees and generally being “green”, as well as offering School Holiday Themed-for-Children Carving Days. 

Please check the Barn Shop Outdoor Notice Board for special events or carving themes that are running each week or month. You can also follow our daily updates at

The BTC Barn Shop offers a selection of chainsaw carvings to suit all budgets from table top pieces to large garden focal points which are ideal, affordable gifts.

The shop sells all manner of things from beautiful garden pieces, practical plant troughs, benches and plaques to African Zulus, Eagles and even Gruffalos. If we don’t have it on the shelf, we may well have a photograph of what you might fancy ordering in the shop carving book, showing all pieces that have been carved and sold already, for you to simply re-order! 

We can carve your own bespoke order within a week most of the time and are happy to work to deadlines for both commercial and domestic carved pieces when required. We also sell Seasoned Logs, Woodchip, Kindling (and Sawdust for your pets).

You might even like to order a popular African Themed Carving; a speciality of Bruks, being from Rhodesia and one of which can be viewed in the Powell-Cotton Museum & Grounds in Quex Park, Birchington.


In-Situ Tree Carving

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